Friday, September 21, 2007


I would like everyone to know that I am not a picky eater. I definitely have certain foods that I love more then others but I like to consider myself an equal opportunity foodie. I the website to book most of my restaurants when I am traveling. This is a great way to find nice restaurants, review their menu prior to visiting and then potentially earn free gift certificates down the road. Check out their site if you have more questions.

I admit that by using OpenTable, I am limiting my options. I think they have a nice database of restaurants but I am missing out on many fantastic eateries by primarily booking on OpenTable. The fact is, I look forward to my free $50 or $100 gift certificates so I can comfortably go to yet another restaurant and hopefully create another lasting food memory.

This does not always happen which is the point of this blog. I wish that I would have started this one year ago and then I could look at my archive and bathe in the quantity of restaurant reviews I have logged. Moreover, I would be interested to see those entries which I did not stand up to the expectations that I conjured prior to my dining experience.

I love drinks. I am NOT an equal opportunity employer of drinks, I have to admit. I drink beer, wine and whiskey (preferably scotch). However, my point is that I subscribe to the liquid can make any consumption experience better. I do not just mean drinking wine with your meal (though this is typically a necessity). I believe I live a relatively healthy lifestyle. However, one of my largest vices lies in coffee and pastries. Honestly does it get any better then a hot, dark and smoky black coffee and a cinnamon scone? About the only thing would be a fantastic meal with a smooth glass of wine and a 12+ yr old scotch (neat) to wash it all down with.

Finally, one of the things that I began to truly appreciate over this past year of travel was scenery. Why should I enjoy a seared ahi tuna steak with a crisp glass of sauvignon blanc more on warm day in Park City, UT more then when I am sitting in my own apartment and can actually take credit for the dish in front of me? Honestly, those moments when you can just sit outside (or inside) and just revel in all that is around you are the best. They truly add so much thought to the culinary experience (for me). I begin to sit and think (all be it queerly)...this wine is better and this salmon more appealing because I am sitting on a balcony overlooking the Pacific ocean in Monterey, CA. Or, this Petite Syrah does pair lovely with this Filet Mignon, but it warms me while I am looking out at mountains covered in snow.

Like I said, maybe I am queer or just like to get lost in the moment but I find that these are the moments when I begin to contemplate life. My mom (and probably most of my friends) would say, "You're gay." (***Disclaimer: My mom, family, friends and I all know that your choice of scenery, beverage or dinner plate plays no role in your sexual orientation, it is simply a figure of speech and it is not meant to offend anyone. I have gay friends and they are fantastic). Back on point, for me, scenery adds to my dining experience. Does it add to your's? Moreover, scenery is not limited to the lovely seagulls flocking above near the ocean (which I hope do not crap on my brand new dress shirt or cuff links). Scenery can extend to the couple sitting kiddy corner to me that appear to be having a lovely meal but after further examination, THEY DO NOT TALK!!!!!! Please kill me if I ever am in that relationshiT. Hopefully I will already have taken care of the damage.

I guess I lied earlier, the last and final preface is that I tend to be a tangent creator. I often find myself in conversations, emails, blog postings running off into the sunset on the largest tangent that was ever created. I apologize for that in advance. However, it is my blog and as a result, if you do not like tangents yet you are still reading this self professed tangent, then pity on you.


James A.

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Anonymous said...

Ah, number one son -- you crack me up. I found your entries to be both insightful and interesting -- and I'm not biased in the least. I look forward to reading more -- however, my Boo, please correct the spelling of "Scoundral's" name.
Cho' Mama